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Binance Lists New Altcoin!

Binance Lists

Binance lists new altcoin! The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, will list SuperVerse (SUPER) altcoin in its futures trading platform with up to 50x leverage.

Currently listed in Binance’s spot pairs, SUPER, has attracted attention today due to its increase of over 90%. Launched in the 2021 bull market, SUPER is currently listed on major centralized exchanges such as Kucoin and Coinbase.

According to the official announcement, SUPER futures will be launched today at 16:00 local time (UTC+3). The cryptocurrency, which has been rising during the day, did not give a high-level response after its listing in the futures. Binance seems to have accelerated its listings recently. The company has started to include altcoins listed in futures trading on platforms like Bybit.

What Does Binance’s Listing of the New Altcoin SUPER Mean?

Listing of SUPER on the futures trading platform is expected to result in an increase in the popularity of the cryptocurrency. Futures are a popular tool for investors who are trying to predict future prices of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is expected that the listing of SUPER on the futures trading platform will help the cryptocurrency to become known by more investors and to be traded more.

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The acceleration of Binance’s recent listings can be seen as an effort to maintain its dominance in the market. By offering a wider range of tokens than rival exchanges, Binance aims to become a more attractive option for investors.

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