% 1.95
BTC Dominance:
% 0.21
Market Cap:
$2.53 T
% 1.90
Fear & Greed:
76 / 100
$ 67.911
BTC Dominance:
% 52.9
Market Cap:
$2.53 T

Binance, Lists New Altcoin!


Binance, one of the leading names in the crypto world, is listing ORBS on its futures platform. The ORBSUSDT Perpetual Contract offers users a new investment opportunity with a 20x leverage.

Binance Futures offers the opportunity to use the Multiple Asset Mode with the ORBSUSDT Perpetual Contract. This facilitates users to trade among various collateral assets, increasing trading flexibility. Particularly when the Multiple Asset Mode is enabled, users can use BTC as collateral for ORBSUSDT Perpetual Contract trading. This provides investors with more options and the opportunity to trade according to their own trading preferences and risk appetites.

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With this step, Binance is making significant progress towards increasing the diversity of crypto contracts. The ORBSUSDT Perpetual Contract will be a dynamic addition to the Binance Futures platform, offering a richer trading experience for global users.

This innovation on Binance’s futures platform aims to offer more options to cryptocurrency investors and makes ORBS more accessible. The opportunities for investing in futures with the ORBSUSDT Perpetual Contract are increasing, and the excitement in the crypto market continues.

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