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Polygon Network takes the support form Binance!

Binance Supports Hard Fork On Polygon (Matic)

Binance announced today that it will support the Polygon (MATIC) network upgrade and hard fork. This step will strengthen the Polygon ecosystem aiming to offer a safer and more efficient experience to its users.

The network upgrade and hard fork will take place on 29th November, 2023. During this time, MATIC token holders can follow significant developments related to the network upgrade and hard fork via Binance.

According to the announcement, token deposit and withdrawal transactions will be suspended from 15:30 on 29th November, 2023. It is important for users to be careful during this period and plan their transactions during these hours.

With the announcement of Binance, the strengthening of the Polygon ecosystem and further development of the network could provide a new perspective to investors regarding the future of the MATIC token.

Binance’s support for Polygon causes excitement in the cryptocurrency community, and closely monitoring the impact of these developments on the network will be essential for user’s security and transaction experiences.

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