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Binance Tightens Cryptocurrency Listing Process to Enhance Investor Protection


Binance, investor protection by tightening its cryptocurrency listing process. According to a report by Bloomberg, the changes implemented by Binance include factors such as imposing a 1-year lock-up period on listed altcoin projects, requiring higher security deposits, and reducing the amount of coins allocated to market makers.

These rules are believed to have been introduced towards the end of last year and have been applied to every project listed since that point. According to the disclosed details, Binance has opted to impose a minimum 1-year lock-up period on the altcoin projects it lists. During this period, a certain amount of the altcoin will be locked in a software called a “smart contract” and will be inaccessible for transfer.

This move aims to prevent investor losses stemming from sudden sell-offs and price fluctuations. Additionally, Binance is also requiring security deposits from some crypto projects. This ensures that in case the project fails to meet its obligations, Binance will have collateral to protect investors.

These steps aim to enhance investor security while also making Binance more compliant with regulations.

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