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Bitcoin and Ethereum Options Worth $9 Billion Set to Expire Today


Bitcoin and Ethereum options worth a combined $9 billion are set to expire today, according to data from Deribit, one of the largest derivatives exchanges.

The options will expire at noon GMT, and could have a significant impact on the prices of both cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin options worth $6.2 billion and Ethereum options worth $3.1 billion are due to expire.

The max pain point for Bitcoin options is set at $61,000, while the max pain point for Ethereum options is set at $3,100. Max pain is the price at which option traders would suffer the least amount of loss or gain if the options expire at that price. Large investors may try to push the price of the options close to the max pain point before they expire. This would result in maximum losses for buyers and maximum gains for sellers.

Implied volatility in Bitcoin has fallen to its lowest level in two months, according to Deribit. However, it is still higher than it was for most of this year. The skew between Bitcoin call and put options is negative, which means that call options are more expensive than put options. This is a sign that traders are more bullish on Bitcoin. The skew between Ethereum call and put options has also turned negative since the ETF decision.

This suggests that traders are more optimistic about Ethereum. According to Deribit, the falling gold price, VIX, and implied volatility indicate that fear in the market is decreasing. Deribit also noted that this is the first monthly expiration after the halving, and that it could also be affected by the earnings reports of companies like Tesla, Meta, and Google.

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It is important to note that the expiration of options does not always have a significant impact on the price of the underlying asset. However, in this case, the large amount of options that are set to expire could lead to some volatility in the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets.

Traders should be aware of this risk and take appropriate measures to manage their positions.

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