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Bitcoin Breakout Crucial for Altcoin Bull Run, Analysts Suggest

Bull Run

With a new altcoin bull run being in the cards, analysts are keeping a close eye on the price movements of Bitcoin, making a breakout of great importance to the wider cryptocurrency market. Insights provided by Nansen’s principal analyst, Aurelie Barthere, indicate that the destiny of altcoins is closely linked to the trajectory of Bitcoin. Barthere contended, “Altcoins are high beta crypto, they work out when the sentiment is very bullish. ”

Altcoin Bottom Expected in June, Marking Potential Start of Bull Cycle

The latest market analysis implies that the bottom of the local altcoin price might occur around June, and it might mean the beginning of a new bull cycle. A crypto analyst known as Rekt Capital pointed out historical chart patterns that show such a tendency. Although altcoins have come under pressure recently, they have shown an impressive resolve gaining more than 24% year to date and a whooping 167% over the past year.

On the downside, Alex Onufriychuk, blockchain advisor at QUBIC Labs Accelerator, warned against premature exuberance, referring to the depressed market sentiment and reduced inflows from U. S. spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). He commented, “Some of them could get to their local bottom by June as there is not enough new liquidity coming from Bitcoin ETFs. ”

The correlation of Bitcoin’s behavior with altcoin feeling remains important. As other coins sit in anticipation of a probable recovery, the fact that Bitcoin is consolidating around the 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is a critical factor that the market is monitoring for market sentiment. A strike over this point will clear the way for altcoin rally, analysts propose.

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M2 Money Supply Growth Signals Potential Rise in Altcoin Prices

However, despite positive forecasts, analysts caution, stressing that radical changes are necessary for a substantial market revival to last. Onufriychuk pointed out that increased retail and institutional investment, as well as favorable regulatory developments, are needed to ignite a prolonged altcoin rally.

In addition, the recent positive growth of the M2 money supply, which presents a potential hedge to inflation, might trigger the altcoins to regain popularity. Amid economic uncertainties, investors seek for alternative investments, thus, altcoins and meme coins could become more popular and initiate the awaited bull run.
With changes occurring in the cryptocurrency space, investors are always on the lookout for signs of a general market uptrend, and the breakout of Bitcoin usually acts as a key precursor to a possible altcoin bull run.

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