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Bitcoin CEO Warns of 15x Surge Risk as Politicians Turn Bullish


Samson Mow, the CEO of blockchain firm Pixelmatic, has expressed his skepticism about politicians becoming pro-crypto.

According to a report by Bitcoinist, the renowned CEO, who predicts a $1 million Bitcoin price, commented on recent statements by US presidential candidates regarding cryptocurrencies.

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Mow stated that he is not optimistic about politicians becoming pro-crypto, saying:

“While this may seem pleasant in light of previous anti-crypto hostile stances, it’s bad for Bitcoin in the long run.”

Mow further argued that this shift without a strong Bitcoin ethos could pave the way for the next FTX bankruptcy, Terra (LUNA) crash, or Genesis collapse. He emphasized that Bitcoin stands apart from many cryptocurrencies due to its decentralized and censorship-resistant nature.

In this context, the renowned CEO predicts that Bitcoin’s unique features that differentiate it from other cryptocurrencies could be harmed.

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