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Bitcoin Commentary by Margot Robbie, Star of Barbie Movie

Margot Robbie, the leading actress of the much talked Barbie movie of recent times, caused controversy with her Bitcoin (BTC) comments in the program she participated in.


Margot Robbie is a famous Australian actress who became famous with the movie Barbie and started a debate in the cryptocurrency community due to her opinion on Bitcoin. The movie Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig, was the first live-action adaptation inspired by fashion dolls. Margot Robbie plays Barbie in the movie, with Ryan Gosling as Ken.


The story follows Barbie’s exile from Barbieland and her journey through the real world. The film was critically acclaimed and praised for its direction, acting, and challenge to gender norms. The movie was also commercially successful, grossing over $774 million globally.


Details about Margot Robbie’s Bitcoin Comment

In an interview, Robbie caused a backlash in the crypto community when she described the Bitcoin (BTC) debate by likening it to the characteristics of Ken, Barbie’s partner in the movie.


In an interview with Fandango, Robbie said that her husband Tom Ackerley and television producer David Heyman reminded her of Ken’s characteristics when she heard about the Bitcoin debate. Ken, the fictional character in the movie Barbie, is played by Ryan Gosling. This analogy drew various reactions from the crypto community on Twitter.


One commenter was MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor, who humorously tweeted that Bitcoin really does have “Big Ken Energy.” Other prominent figures in the crypto sector also shared their thoughts on Robbie’s comments.


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In a post on her Twitter account, Girl Gone Crypto, Lea Thompson expressed her positive attitude towards Bitcoin after hearing Robbie’s comments. However, social media influencer Layah Heilpern criticized Robbie’s remarks, interpreting them as belittling men who discussed Bitcoin. She said she thought this inference made men look “weak and pathetic.“”” In his criticism, he emphasized the importance of sensitivity against gender-based discrimination.


On the other hand, some members of the crypto community said they found Robbie’s analogy funny and creative, but others felt that the gender-related analogy should be downplayed. In the wake of the controversy, there is a growing awareness that the perception and language of gender in relation to Bitcoin and the crypto world needs to be carefully considered.


From a different perspective, Mark Travers, chief psychologist at Awake Therapy, noted that embracing Ken’s energy can signify a selfless and compliant person. For him, Ken’s willingness to take on a supportive role in a universe revolving around his character, Barbie, shows that he challenges traditional gender stereotypes. According to Travers, this analogy can offer a more flexible and inclusive perspective on how gender is associated with roles and behaviours. In the crypto community and other related sectors, it is important that discussions of Bitcoin and other crypto assets address gender and gender-based analogies in a more sensitive way.

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