% 1.61
BTC Dominance:
% 0.32
Market Cap:
$2.48 T
% 1.89
Fear & Greed:
72 / 100
$ 68.485
BTC Dominance:
% 54.1
Market Cap:
$2.48 T

Bitcoin Dominance Surges Amidst Market Turmoil: Layer-1s and AI Tokens Falter

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Bitcoin (BTC) becomes the beacon of stability in crypto, while the others go turbulent. While layer-1 tokens and AI tokens endure a painful week, the BTC market dominates, combining the waning risk-taker sentiment and euphoric halving anticipation.

BTC’s Ascendance Amidst Market Volatility

On Thursday, when the Asian stock exchange was trading, BTC met some resistance and was trading below $61,400. This crisis not only increased market volatility due to macroeconomic difficulties, but also stimulated the dump of risky assets. Though BTC tackles such annoyances, layer-1 coins and altcoins struggle even more. Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), Cardano (ADA) fell by a factor of 26%, 30%, 26%, respectively.

AI token sales, which were the market’s hotspot, plummeted forebodingly. Assets include RNDR of the render and FET of the fetch. Within a week, RNDR fell by 20 percent and FET fell by 30 percent. This dismal outperformance underlines the common market sentiment and investors’ fears.

The turbulence rocking the layer-1s and AI tokens only fuels Bitcoin’s strength. Another significant metric for Bitcoin is its dominance, which stands at 55.19%, representing an improvement of 1.35% and 2.5% on a weekly and monthly basis, respectively. It is during this growth period that we see BTC displaying strength and evidence of its importance within the crypto market.

Halving Frenzy Grips Google Searches

Furthermore, a Google search data trend may indicate a ferocious excitement surrounding the halving. People’s thirst for knowing more about it is off the charts, breaking the combined number of searches for Ethereum, Solana, or Dogecoin. This overflow of interest demonstrates the increasing attention and comprehension of virtual currency primary events, which determines the trading atmosphere.

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Under challenging market conditions, Bitcoin acts as a powerful element that expands its influence. While layer-1s and AI tokens press on with their challenges, BTC, meanwhile, relies on a tried-and-true underpinning.

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