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Bitcoin ETF Short Term ‘Might Be Disappointing’


VanEck consultant Gabor Gurbacs suggests that the short-term effects of a Bitcoin ETF are being exaggerated, while in the long term, a similar product could bring trillions of dollars to Bitcoin. Gurbacs, in his shared article on Twitter, predicts that a potential ETF could see a net inflow of just $100 million from institutional investors.

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Highlighting that the growth following the launch of Gold ETFs could have a similar impact on Bitcoin, Gurbacs evaluates the increase in the market value of gold compared to the current market value of Bitcoin.

Gurbacs believes that if a spot ETF is approved in the United States, the price of Bitcoin could follow the path that gold has taken. He also emphasizes that a spot ETF could make it more legitimate for institutional investors and nation-states.

Bloomberg ETF analysts Eric Balchunas and James Seyffart support Gurbacs’ long-term perspective. Seyffart points out the lack of evaluation of the long-term effects of ETFs.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading around $42,525 with a 1.1% increase. Despite differing opinions on the impact of ETF approval on prices, Gurbacs’ long-term perspective and positive expectations for Bitcoin are generating interest in the cryptocurrency world.

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