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Bitcoin ETFs Are Expected to Be Rejected. (Bloomberg)

Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin ETFs may not take confirmation. US-based news provider Bloomberg, recently updated the outcome of spot Bitcoin ETF applications as “probably will not take permission”.

▪️ According to this update on Bloomberg, news emerged that the spot Bitcoin ETFs, for which the SEC announced extended time for review -in other words, chose to delay- might be rejected, causing great concern in the market.

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▪️ Although there are allegations about Bloomberg’s above update, there is no clear information about the source of this update. The news text does not provide concrete evidence of Bloomberg’s update, therefore the accuracy of the update is currently uncertain. Investors and experts should be cautious when considering such claims and wait for official announcements from reliable sources.

▪️ Previously, there were suspicions in the crypto sector that media organizations like Bloomberg and WSJ, publish news aimed at creating fear and uncertainty about cryptocurrencies.

▪️ Such publications can lead to speculations on the market. They affect investors’ decisions, hence investors should be careful and evaluate news sources with a critical perspective.

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