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Bitcoin Exceeds 1 Billion Transactions!


Bitcoin, the largest crypto currency, broke a record. 1 billion transactions have been made in Bitcoin. The number of transactions on Bitcoin’s blockchain has surpassed 1 billion transactions since its journey began with the “Genesis meltdown” on January 3, 2009. It took 800 weeks and 5,603 days to reach this significant milestone.

Following the recent halving, there was a significant increase in transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain with the emergence of the Runes protocol. This increase was quickly approached at a rate of 1 billion transactions. Just a few days after the halving, on April 23, the number of transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain reached 926, which was set as a record.

As Bitcoin’s legacy and first blockchain, it was celebrated by crypto systems as a huge success, amassing 1 billion transaction counts. For the second and largest cryptocurrency such as the Ethereum blockchain, this figure reaches 2.4 billion.

The chart below shows the trend of transaction numbers on the network since Bitcoin was first introduced. At the time of writing, the largest cryptocurrency is trading at approximately $64,200.

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