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Bitcoin Halving: Miners’ Strategic Moves and ETFs Impact on Price

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In anticipation of the market moving drastically following the Bitcoin halving, miners have opted for different strategies that would help manage the possible chaos in the market. As Bitfinex, a well-known digital asset exchange, asserts, miners go ahead and make pre-sales on their entire reserves just before the halving, thereby providing a strategic outlook post-event.

ETFs’ Market Influence

At the same time, in the United States, the emergence of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on the spot markets has been a major factor. The network projection of the Bitfinex statement is that these ETFs could have indeed diluted the possibility of liquidation amidst the slump, hence saving Bitcoin from an extensive price crash.

Data Insights

There is compelling evidence to indicate that miners performed an impressive feat in March, according to the data released by CryptoQuant to Bitfinex. This was in stark contrast to their positions in February. We may view this decrease of over 70% as prospective process optimizations for miners before halving.

Market Performance Post-Halving

However, the reduction in miners’s income due to the halving is the major concern. Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency has been stable. According to datas, in fact, the ground has seen a 4.5% increase from the halving on April 20th, which is a continuation of the positive trend started on April 17th.

ETFs’ Role in Demand

The Bitfinex reflects how institutional demand propelled by the appearance of the spot Bitcoin ETF in the USA is one of the major reasons behind the growth in this asset class. Such ETFs, which characterize significant flows and oftentimes separation of the market from the conventional supply-demand cycles, act as a springtime source for Bitcoin’s price by helping the cryptocurrency to keep in line during halving-imposed turmoil.

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Future Projections

On the other hand, Bitfinex expects the cadence of the ETFs  to grow in the post-halving period, as the daily net inflows will replace the algorithmically generated quantities of the Bitcoin supply. It is deemed that this trend, which goes together with an increase in institutional interests, will result in Bitcoin becoming more and more expensive in the coming months.

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