% 1.46
BTC Dominance:
% 0.21
Market Cap:
$2.38 T
% 1.77
Fear & Greed:
74 / 100
$ 66.269
BTC Dominance:
% 54.5
Market Cap:
$2.38 T

Bitcoin Rebounds Strongly Post-Halving, Paving the Way for Altcoin Surge

Bitcoin, Btc

Bitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrency, has repositioned itself in the midst of a turbulent week of trading, showing a superlative performance that has left even traders and analysts in a state of surprise. Despite the fact that, in the current week, Bitcoin dipped, no interest from the market in Bitcoin seems unperturbed, with only a low 0.3%.

As Farside data shows, there was a great deal of excitement as, for a week before the halving, Bitcoin ETFs experienced a surplus in trading volumes of $30.4 million, which was 89 percent higher than the 7-day average figures. The investors returned a massive amount of capital on the sixth day, which appeared to play the exact opposite role of the previous two days, where they had remained cautious and there were capital outflows.

On the ETF side, the majority of the tows happened in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which happened to move massively in the opposite direction compared to BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), which was the asset drawing more investments. While speaking to an analyst from Bloomberg Intelligence, namely Eric Balchunas, the reporter shed light on the amazing occurrence: IBIT registered 69 days of inflows without fail, making this a historic first.

Steady inflows in the Bitcoin ETPs are anticipated throughout the year 2024, according to industry experts, as per Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsley, who is confident in the scope for the wide adoption of the crypto by high-end financial firms. Horsley pointed out that these companies, characterized mainly as “long-term investors”  will appear in the bitcoin system as a new and very powerful player, which can help bitcoin grow up.

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With Bitcoin making noises at the first trading session of the week, dissecting the downstream cryptocurrencies looks like the next action to take on market momentum. The future is without a doubt with Bitcoin, and it can be anticipated that altcoins like BNB, SOL, and RNDR could possibly follow suit under the influence of general market sentiment as well.

The success of Bitcoin, which currently looks like a catalyst for general market sentiment improvement, may draw further attention to cryptocurrencies, resulting in a positive effect and the prospect of further rises in the crypto market.

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