% 0.15
BTC Dominance:
% 0.46
Market Cap:
$2.41 T
% 1.30
Fear & Greed:
74 / 100
$ 66.089
BTC Dominance:
% 54.0
Market Cap:
$2.41 T

Bitcoin Whales Start Accumulating: Buying Pressure Could Push Price Higher!

Bitcoin Whales

The recent behavior of cryptocurrency whales continues to closely interest the market.

A CryptoQuant analyst evaluated the behavior of Bitcoin whales. He stated that the whales have re-entered the accumulation process after a period of intense distribution in March.

He noted that this has created buying pressure and that the market has started to price accordingly. The analyst reminded that accumulation and distribution patterns directly affect pricing.

He emphasized that especially long-term investors are involved in the accumulation process and clearly believe in the continuation of the rise in Bitcoin:

By default, institutional investors buy and sell based on market opportunities and generally do not have a long-term vision. Unlike convinced Bitcoin investors who aim to build long-term reserves, whales usually look for profits in the medium term. After a period of intense distribution in March, institutional investors have started to accumulate again in the last two weeks. This buying pressure has already started to affect market prices, but it is expected to intensify in the coming weeks.

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