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% 0.13
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$2.44 T
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74 / 100
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% 54.4
Market Cap:
$2.44 T

Bitwise President Commented on Bitcoin ETF’s

Bitcoin Etfs

Matt Hougan, the Chief Investment Officer at Bitwise, stated that the recent allocations to spot bitcoin ETFs by institutional investors, as revealed in the first-quarter 13F filings with the SEC, represent just an initial step or “down payment.” He elaborated that these initial allocations are typically part of a broader, phased investment approach that professional investors follow when incorporating new assets like bitcoin into their portfolios.

Hougan explained that the typical timeline for institutional investors to fully integrate bitcoin into their investment strategies spans six to twelve months. This process involves several stages:

1. Due Diligence: Thoroughly researching and understanding the asset.
2. Personal Allocation: The investment firm’s principals may start by personally investing in bitcoin.
3. Isolated Client Allocations: Select client portfolios are allocated bitcoin in a controlled manner.
4. Platform-wide Allocation: Bitcoin allocations are rolled out across the firm’s entire client base.

Hougan noted that, starting about six months after the initial allocation, many firms begin incorporating bitcoin into their entire book of clients, with allocations generally ranging from 1-5% of the portfolio.

He emphasized the significant potential of bitcoin ETFs, stating, “The great promise of bitcoin ETFs is that they can open the door for professional investors to buy bitcoin en masse, dramatically increasing the pool of capital investing in the asset.” This statement underscores the transformative potential that widespread institutional adoption of bitcoin ETFs could have on the market, potentially leading to substantial inflows of capital into bitcoin.

Hougan’s insights reflect a growing recognition of bitcoin’s role in diversified investment strategies and the increasing interest from institutional investors in gaining exposure to the digital asset through regulated investment vehicles like ETFs.

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