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BVM Will Enable the Use of AI Models on Blockchain


BVM Will Enable the Use of AI Models on Blockchain!! Blockchain technology, in addition to the security and tracking of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, is paving the way for many innovations that allow for a range of different applications. However, recently, work is being done to expand the limits of this technology and to increase its usage by combining it with new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). A layer 2 project named Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM) is also preparing to take a significant step in this field.

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Emerging Technology: The Combination of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology used in data analysis, predictive analysis, natural language processing, and many other areas. Blockchain offers a unique platform for secure data storage and transfer. When combined, these two technologies can provide many new opportunities.

Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM) and Truly Open AI Platform:

As a project operating on Bitcoin’s second layer, BVM will launch “Truly Open AI,” a platform that allows users to create and use artificial intelligence models on the blockchain. This platform will enable users to move their AI models to the blockchain for use in crypto applications.

Storage of Artificial Intelligence Models:

The storage infrastructure for artificial intelligence models to be used on the Truly Open AI platform was built in collaboration with well-known projects such as Filecoin, Near, Avail, Polygon, and Syscoin. Thus, users can securely store their AI models and use them on the blockchain.

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