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Caitlyn Jenner’s X Account Was Hacked and Promoted Memecoin


Caitlyn Jenner’s X account began promoting a memecoin bearing her name on the platform on Sunday. After videos on social media showing Jenner and her manager supporting Memecoin, discussions began about whether their accounts were hacked or not.

Caitlyn Jenner’s X account shared a link for the meme token on Sunday afternoon, writing, “Let’s win together!” Submit your favorite memecoins here.” she wrote. In a series of tweets, the reality TV star’s X account stated that it had not been hacked. Following this statement, a Twitter Space session was held in which Jenner’s account also participated, and another account, claimed to be Jenner’s manager, answered the questions. “I play golf,” she wrote on the account.

“There’s a lot going on today, and yes, crypto, my account is real,” she said in a follow-up video posted by the alleged Jenner on social media. However, many X users doubted the legitimacy of the account and video, some claimed that the video was deepfaked with artificial intelligence. Two more videos were uploaded with speakers claiming to be Jenner and her manager Sophia Hutchinson, who claimed the tweets were not fake or hacked.

American rapper Rich the Kid’s X account also posted similar tweets, but these tweets were later removed.

“Jenner and Rich the Kid tokens are linked and both are managed by the same wallet. Jenner just asked for donations,” wrote X user @CodeXBT. “At a time when everyone is being hacked, I wouldn’t trust the tweets sent today.”

On Polymarket’s prediction platform, a bet was opened on whether Jenner’s account was hacked or not, and only 7% of users think Jenner’s X account was hacked.

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While speculation about the legitimacy of the account continued, Jenner’s Instagram account also promoted the meme token link to in line with the tweets.

The first tweet introducing memecoin from Jenner’s X account came with a photo of Jenner with former US President and Republican candidate Donald Trump. Trump announced his strong support for cryptocurrency in his campaign. Jenner is known as a supporter of Trump and the Republican Party. In addition to promoting memecoin, account X also reshared tweets defending Trump’s crypto support.

Jenner memecoin currently has a market cap of approximately $30 million according to DEX Screener.

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