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Can Bitcoin ETF Applications be Postponed?

Bitcoin ETF

Perianne Boring, CEO of the U.S.-based Digital Commerce Chamber, stated that the last-minute intervention by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding Bitcoin spot ETF applications is a signal of “delay.” While the crypto and finance world closely monitors this development, the expectation for approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs has risen to over $47,000 as of last night.

Boring explained that the SEC provided additional comments on the S-1 filings of the applying companies and interpreted this situation as a sign of delay. The Digital Commerce Chamber aims to collaborate with regulatory authorities as an organization supporting innovations in cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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However, James Seyffart, an ETF analyst at Bloomberg, stated that additional comments on S-1 filings are a normal process. Seyffart emphasized that these comments came when information about transaction fees was being obtained and that this situation is not unusual. Seyffart, not considering it as a sign of rejection/delay, stated that further changes could be expected but this does not indicate a delay.

One user mentioned that there could not be a delay decision regarding ARK Invest, and in the case of a negative decision, it would be a rejection. Boring responded to this comment with, “Yes, this rejection decision would be a delay of an inevitable course.”

The mandatory final decision by the SEC, due by January 10th, currently only covers ARK Invest. However, experts predict that the SEC will not settle only with ARK Invest and will make a joint decision for all companies. The crypto and finance world continues to closely monitor the SEC’s upcoming decision.


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