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Canto Blockchain Reveals ‘Cyclone Stack’ Before Polygon Move


The Canto blockchain, based on Cosmos, has introduced the “Cyclone Stack” as part of its efforts to enhance scalability and performance, coinciding with its upcoming migration to the Polygon ecosystem.

Cyclone Stack comprises three key upgrades: the Callisto Upgrade, the Kallichore Upgrade, and the Elara Upgrade. These upgrades aim to accelerate block times, enhance storage access speeds, and establish new benchmarks for execution efficiency.

Canto’s Cyclone stack will also boast full compatibility with all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) tooling and applications. The EVM facilitates the execution of smart contracts and enables blockchains like Canto to support applications designed for compatibility with Ethereum and similar platforms.

The press release states, “This comprehensive upgrade suite signifies a big step towards achieving high performance and scalability for Canto,” emphasizing the platform’s commitment to improving its infrastructure for developers and users.

This announcement follows Canto’s decision in September to transition into a layer-2 solution using Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK). A representative for Canto mentioned to CoinDesk via email that following the development of their Cyclone EVM, they plan to integrate with Polygon’s CDK and implement their ZK-prover to enhance network security.

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