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Captain Tsubasa NFT Game Launches on Oasys Blockchain

Captain Tsubasa Nft

On the Web3 gaming-focused Oasys blockchain, the Japanese manga and anime series Captain Tsubasa has released its nonfungible token (NFT) soccer game.

On May 20, Oaysis declared that an NFT soccer game would be available on its Web3 gaming blockchain, based on the well-known 80s manga and anime Captain Tsubasa, authored and created by Japanese artist Yōichi Takahashi.

First shown in 2022 and formally released on January 12, 2023, the Web3 game was developed by Web3 development platforms Mint Town and Blocksmith. June 4, 2023, saw the project’s governance token release as well.

Players of the game can amass NFTs of the original animated series characters. It enables players to create teams, grow characters, and engage in several game modes.

While players can play against other online players in a player-versus-player (PvP) mode, rival mode allows players to replay the original plot. An 11 versus 11 soccer match mode is another aspect of the game.

Integrating into the Oasys blockchain, claims Mint Town CEO Hiroshi Kunimitsu, offers fans “a new way” to enjoy the animated drama. The release, Kunimitsu continued, shows how blockchain technology can “enhance interactive entertainment and gaming.”

Published initially in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1981, the manga series was later turned into an anime series in 1983.

Many motion pictures and television adaptations followed, the most recent of which debuted in 2018. With 90 million copies sold globally by 2023, the manga series was among the best-selling ever.

Its Genesis NFTs will have extra functionality, such as boosting players’ energy points, to celebrate the game’s Oasys debut.

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