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Cardano’s 9.0 Node Release Prepares for Chang Hard Fork


Founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has said that the 9.0 release of Cardano Node will most likely happen in June. This rollout gets Cardano ready for the Chang hard fork, thereby signaling the start of the Voltaire Age.

Preparing for the Chang Hard Fork

“June seems to be the month when Cardano Node will reach 9.0. Cardano is thus Chang fork-ready and waiting for 70 percent of the SPOs to deploy the new node. Then, as Hoskinson pointed out in a recent X post, a hard fork can happen, forcing Cardano into the Age of Voltaire.

As it will bring the blockchain into a new era of distributed governance, the Chang hard fork is likely to be among the most important turning points on Cardano’s roadmap.

Cardano will be a scattered society with millions of people all over the globe,” Hoskinson said. “We will have the most sophisticated blockchain governance system, yearly budgets, a treasury, and the knowledge of our whole community to help us.”

Voltaire Age and Governance

The Voltaire Age will bring a governance structure that lets society take part in decision-making procedures.

The first portion of this age will apply CIP 1694’s governance elements, enabling distributed voting. The second section will enhance these characteristics by allowing proxy involvement and Treasury withdrawals, empowering the community to suggest and support initiatives inside the Cardano ecosystem.

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Cardano released node version 8.9.2 in the run-up to the Chang hard fork, which fixes a significant problem in the peer-to-peer networking function, enhancing the platform’s peer-to-peer networking capacity.

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Impact on ADA, Native Token of Cardano

ADA, the native coin of Cardano, might gain from the forthcoming significant update. According to CoinGecko data, ADA is trading at $0.441 at press time and ranks among the top ten cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization.

With the implementation of the Chang hard fork and the start of the Voltaire Age, Cardano aims to achieve a more decentralized and community-driven governance model, potentially boosting ADA’s value and utility within the ecosystem.

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