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Caroline Ellison Goes to Court! Accuses SBF!

Caroline Ellison Goes to Court

Caroline Ellison Goes to Court in order to accuse SBF!

FTX, which unexpectedly went bankrupt, caused major fluctuations in cryptocurrencies. After this incident, FTX’s founder Sam Bankman Fried was arrested. His trial continues with statements from people in FTX. It also affiliated company Alameda Research being referred to in the court. One of those who testified in court was former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison.

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In her statement, Ellison stated that her former boss SBF wanted her to commit crimes. Also, Ellison admitting that she committed crimes as the CEO of Alameda Research, said that SBF give these instructions. Thus, she did not commit these crimes on her own.

The issues emphasized in Ellison’s statement are as follows:

I carried out transactions according to SBF’s instructions. During this process, Alameda took billions of dollars from FTX customers and used this for investments. I also sent financial tables that misrepresented Alameda’s risk level. Alameda had an unlimited credit limit and we gained access to customer deposits through this limit.

After the court adjourned according to a statement, Caroline Ellison’s statement will continue. As you may recall, Caroline Ellison had admitted to seven fraud charges against her in December.

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