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Chiliz Collabrates with French Football Leauge


Chiliz has announced an exciting collaboration with the French Professional Football League (LFP) and game studio Unagi that marks a significant milestone in sports innovation. Together, they are launching Coach Ligue 1, a groundbreaking fantasy soccer game, the first of its kind to be developed directly by a soccer league.

Coach Ligue 1 revolutionizes the fan experience by allowing Ligue 1 Uber Eats and Ligue 2 BKT followers to build their dream teams using digital trading cards, all powered by Chiliz Chain. This move demonstrates Chiliz’s commitment to revolutionizing league business models through digital advancements, enabling leagues to lead product development and reimagining partnerships with third-party platforms.

By introducing its own assets and using blockchain technology, Coach Ligue 1 eliminates the risk of license expiry, ensuring a lasting connection with fans and a sustainable approach to leveraging the league’s intellectual property. Fans can participate in a gamified experience, competing weekly in national and global leaderboards using in-game currency to acquire player packages and upgrade their teams. The game also offers five different levels of card rarity, from Espoir to Légende, giving users the chance to participate in increasingly prestigious tournaments.

Through this partnership, Chiliz guarantees the scarcity and value of each player card through the blockchain, improving the collectability and trading experience for fans. The development of Coach Ligue 1 was a joint effort with Unagi, known for its expertise in gaming and web3 technologies, evidenced by their previous project Ultimate Champions.

Chiliz envisions a future where leagues pioneer NFT fantasy sports platforms, enabling them to directly own revenue streams, increase user engagement and explore cross-selling opportunities. Committed to this vision, Chiliz and will support leagues in developing these platforms, creating significant equity value for clubs and shareholders.

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Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, expressed his excitement about the project, emphasizing its potential to transform the sports industry on a global scale. Charlie Guillemot, Co-Founder and CEO of UNAGI, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the new experience Coach Ligue 1 offers football fans. Martin Jaglin, Digital Growth Director at LFP MEDIA, emphasized the importance of the initiative in setting a new standard for league fan engagement and value delivery through proprietary digital assets.

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