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$2.53 T
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$2.53 T

Coin Mühendisi X Manta Network AMA Summary

AMA Summary

On January 12, 2023, Coin Mühendisi hosted an AMA event with a representative from the Manta Network project. The representative answered our questions and provided information about the project on AMA event.

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AMA Content and Details

The Manta Network representative introduced himself as follows:

Gökçe: I am Gökçe, the Turkey Community and Marketing Lead at Manta Network. I would like to invite you all to connect with us on social media as well.

You can reach the Manta Network X page by clicking here.

You can reach the Manta Network Telegram page by clicking here.

I am so happy to be here with a community like Coin Mühendisi.

I invite everyone here to our next airdrop.

To participate in the airdrop, click here.

Airdrop Details

In this stage, we allocated 50 million tokens, 30 million of which were allocated directly and 20 million through NFTs.

We have enabled you to convert these NFTs directly into cash without waiting for the additional airdrop.

50 M $MANTA tokens were only for Into the Blue. We will be distributing the same amount for the New Paradigm event.


Question 1: How will you encourage the growth of the ecosystem? Do you have any upcoming programs like NewParadigm?

Manta Network Representative: Increasing the size of the ecosystem is definitely a top priority for us. It is also important to define what growth means.

For the next phase of Manta, we have many new TVL entering our network, making Manta Pacific the 3rd largest L2 just below Optimism and Arbitrum, as the “New Paradigm” program is coming to an end.

Question 2. Is Manta Network considering using modular (agnostic) blockchain technology to transfer data?

Manta Network Representative: Manta Network is the first Ethereum L2 to use Celestia for modular data availability. What this means for the user is that we can significantly save them on gas fees. We have been integrated with Celestia for less than a month.

Question 3: Are you considering increasing the number of dApps in your ecosystem? What are your plans for this?

Manta Network Representative: We have a strong BD and ecosystem development team dedicated specifically to this. As a result, we currently have over 150 projects deployed on Manta Pacific. We are also using the zkApp Accelerator, which we announced today, in partnership with Celestia and Polygon.

Question 4: Can we see Concentrated Liquidity Concepts or another mechanism for developing DeFi on Manta in the near future?

Manta Network Representative: We already have some projects that offer this, and I hope liquidity starts to flow to these projects more and can be leveraged by DeFi projects in our ecosystem.

Question 5: Have you considered providing development kits like Cosmos SDK, Polygon CDK, or others on Manta Network?

Manta Network Representative: Yes, we actually already have development kits. You can check them out here.

They allow any developer to create ZK-enabled applications very quickly. What could take thousands of lines of code if you wrote it yourself can be done with Universal Circuits in just 50 lines of code. We are already seeing projects using this to create very innovative web3 projects.

One example is zkHoldem, which distributes on-chain poker using our ZK Universal Circuits.

Twitter Questions AMA

Question 1: I saw that some events on your roadmap are not completed. Are these outdated or events that have not been completed yet?

Manta Network Representative: Incomplete events are either ongoing, continuous (sometimes never ending or ending only after a significant period of time), or we probably forgot to update them.

Question 2: Will you take any new steps regarding your token in the future? Can you explain the most important reasons why we should choose you?

Manta Network Representative: We have a modular architecture. This means that we can always take advantage of the latest technology to plug into our L2 and enable us to continuously provide the best user experience for our community, whether now or 5 years from now. Our architecture is future-proof in this sense.

Question 3: What do developers need to create their dApps on Manta Network to launch a DApp on Manta Network?

Manta Network Representative: All you need is Solidity. If you can deploy your application on Ethereum, you can deploy it on us as well.

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