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Coinbase Boosts Fairshake SuperPAC with $25M


To support pro-crypto politicians in the elections this year, Coinbase gave Fairshake, the pro-crypto federal super political action committee, $25 million.

We, together with others in the sector, have helped fund Fairshake SuperPAC to help elect pro-crypto candidates and defend the rights of our customers,” the crypto exchange added.

Based on a Monday blog post, Coinbase wants regulatory clarification for cryptocurrencies. Coinbase sees the ideal strategy as to “elect pro-crypto candidates on both sides of the aisle and vote anti-crypto candidates out of office,” given what they consider the slow and bipartisan character of U.S. politics.

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The company underlined, however, that support for candidates will not help one party over another since crypto ownership is divided rather fairly along party lines.

Coinbase noted that it will assist the grassroots movement, which already has around a million signatures and names important races and candidates in favor of pro-crypto legislation. Fairshake, being a superPAC, runs advertising for their own advantage rather than actively supporting political politicians. Fairshake, for one noteworthy instance, ran an advertisement criticizing California Senate candidate Katie Porter.

The donation comes just one week following the $25 million donations made by Ripple and crypto venture firm a16z to the PAC, therefore augmenting the war chest of the company. Based on data from Open Secrets, Fairshake is among the best-funded superPACs in the nation, having lately pulled in about $160 million in donations.

With former U.S. President Donald Trump pledging to defend self-custody and taking campaign donations in crypto for his re-election campaign, cryptocurrencies have become a major topic of debate in this year’s presidential contest. Concurrently, the Biden campaign has started consulting crypto sector participants for direction on the crypto community and policy choices.

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