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Coinbase Expands USDC Adoption with Compass Coffee Partnership


In a move to bolster cryptocurrency adoption for everyday purchases, leading crypto exchange Coinbase has partnered with Compass Coffee, a prominent veteran-owned coffee chain in Washington D.C. This collaboration will allow customers to pay for their coffee using the USDC stablecoin at Compass Coffee’s Half Street store.

Coinbase & Compass Coffee: A Promising Partnership

This initiative marks a significant step towards mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency. It presents a tangible opportunity for consumers to integrate crypto assets into their daily lives. To incentivize USDC payments, the Half Street store is offering a compelling deal: 90% off purchases made with USDC. Additionally, customers receive a free NFT redeemable for a co-branded tin of coffee.

This partnership reflects the growing trend of businesses embracing cryptocurrencies as a viable payment option. This shift has gained momentum with the recent launch of Spot Bitcoin ETFs on Wall Street.


Compass Coffee has opted for USDC, a stablecoin issued by Circle, a crypto company in which Coinbase holds a minority stake. By utilizing USDC, Compass Coffee paves the way for other businesses to seamlessly integrate stablecoin payments.

Coinbase’s Vision

For Coinbase, this partnership transcends facilitating crypto transactions. It aims to challenge the perception of cryptocurrencies solely as speculative investments. Coinbase seeks to showcase the potential of crypto to revolutionize the traditional financial system.

The exchange highlights the benefits of blockchain technology, such as reduced transaction fees and faster processing times. In line with this goal, Compass Coffee’s Half Street store uses coffee cups emblazoned with a thought-provoking message:

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$126 billion in estimated credit card transaction fees paid in 2022 by U.S. merchants. 2.5X the entire U.S. coffee shop market. Over 99% of this could have been saved by using blockchain technology.

The Coinbase-Compass Coffee partnership has the potential to spark further conversations about the role of cryptocurrencies in everyday commerce. As the partnership unfolds, it will be interesting to see its impact on consumer adoption and broader industry acceptance of crypto payments.

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