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Coinbase Surges in Q1, Surpassing 2023 Earnings on Bitcoin ETF Boost


Coinbase, the famous cryptocurrency exchange platform, had an astonishing twist in the story, as it not only outshined its full-year 2023 earnings, but even quarterly managed to do better than that for the year 2024. This outstanding performance has been unable to withstand the high market demand and the led introduction of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Record-Breaking Revenue and Net Income

In Coinbase’s recent earnings statement, the company announced $1.6 billion in revenue for all inclusive, and $1.2 billion in net income for Q1. Through this performance, the company has set a milestone of $1 billion in adjusted EBITDA, beating the $977.5 million that they recorded all the way through 2023.

Unrealized Gains and Financial Position

The soaring net income was best associated with a large quarterly unrealized gain of approximately $737 million from cryptocurrency investments. With a firm contour, the quarter ended with more than $7.1 billion in assets, with the sale of 2030 convertible notes paying for $1.1 billion.

Consumer Transactions and Trading Volume Surge

In unison with a tremendous jump from $200.7 million in total liabilities in Q1 of 2023 to $339.9 million in the fiscal year of 2024, Coinbase registered a colossal rise in revenue from consumer transactions, to $935 million. The latter figures represent an amazing 99% quarter-on-quarter growth. The market cap of these assets reached $129 billion in the quarter, which increased by nearly 94% and was nearly double the market cap of the US spot market of $28 billion.


Institutional Transactions Drive Growth

Institutional transactions were the key players, contributing significantly ($85 million) in total revenue for Q1 performance and increasing by 133% from the previous quarter. The institutional arm of the exchange, Coinbase Prime, gained a noteworthy position in the market, with its trading volume spiking by 105% to $256 billion, breaking all the records of the U.S. spot market.

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CEO’s Perspective on Performance

The Coinbase CEO noted the outstanding performance: “Our institutional platform, Coinbase Prime, reached all-time highs in both trading volume and active clients in the first quarter. […] There was a flywheel effect that started when this more robust portfolio of bitcoin ETFs, combined with the good market conditions in the first quarter, unlocked a flywheel of customer engagement across the suite of products.

Custodial Services Revenue Surge

As for the boom in custodial incomes, revenue jumped 64%, more than tripling quarterly figures, reaching $32 million, especially after a sharp rise in crypto asset prices and revenue from Bitcoin ETFs. Coinbase, using eight of the 11 newly launched BTC funds extensively, concluded the quarter with a staggering $171 billion in assets under its custody.

Coinbase’s exceptional results in Q1 2024 demonstrate its preparedness not only to survive but also to target new market dynamics and the revolutionary aspect of financial products such as Bitcoin ETFs.

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