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Countdown to Bitcoin Halving, What to Expect?

Bitcoin Last Update

Whole crypto market waits for the Bitcoin’s halving, which expected to happen in 9 days. Bitcoin halving has been a big subject that community keeps an eye on. The event that will occur during the halving will be that Bitcoin block rewards will be halved. The increase in Bitcoin performance after the halvings that took place in certain periods was quite remarkable in this period. How will Bitcoin performance be after the halving we will experience? What should we follow based on price?

After Halving Performance of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin halving expect to happen in 9 days. Which levels should we follow?

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After Bitcoin recently reached the level of 72 thousand dollars, deep sales took place and the price dropped to the 66 thousand dollar band. It is very important for Bitcoin to hold on at $69500. We have watched Bitcoin fail to hold on in these regions where it had previously won without volume. However, the decreases following the insignificant increases in volume left investors questioning whether the direction was up or not.

While it is necessary to pay attention to the volatility that may occur before the halving, it is critical that Bitcoin does not lose the 69500 ​​and 71 thousand dollars levels in this 9-day period. However, after maintaining the levels, it will be an important message that the level of 73 thousand dollars is exceeded and the direction is upward.

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