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Crypto Vesting Unlocks $875M in June

Crypto Vesting

As token vesting terms for more than 30 blockchain-based projects expire in June, locked cryptocurrency valued at approximately $875 million could find its way onto the markets.

Data tracker Token Unlock shows that Aptos, Arbitrum (ARB), Starknet (STRK), and Sui (SUI) have the most crypto tokens to be unlocked in June 2024.

A widespread technique in the crypto scene, crypto vesting helps to stop early token dumping by team members or early investors in a business.

Vesting crypto tokens to stop their holders from selling them all at once and applying strong pressure on the markets—which typically results in a drop in token values—using several strategies helps to prevent this.

Impact of Major Token Unlocks on Crypto Markets

Layer two of the of the Ethereum network On June 16, Arbitrum will unlock 92.65 million ARB tokens valued at $105.6 million. The crew and advisers of the project will receive over $64 million in tokens; $41.6 million in ARB will be distributed to the investors.

Arbitrum distributed 1.1 billion ARB coins valued at $2.32 billion on March 16. From a peak of $2.27 on March 8 to $1.13 at the time of writing, the value of the token has declined by over 50%.

Project involving layered-1 blockchain In June, Aptos will distribute 11.1 million APT tokens valued at $102.6 million. On June 12, the network will unleash $12.1 million for its foundation, $29.1 million for its community, $35.9 million for its key donors, and $25.5 million for its investors.

Zero-knowledge proofs project Starknet will also unlock millions of tokens following the two largest June unlocks. The ZK protocol will release 64 million STRK tokens valued at $78 million on June 15 for early investors and contributors.

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Optimistic roll-ups, in the in the meantime, will release another 31.34 million OP tokens, valued at around $78 million at the time of writing. The project unlocked a comparable volume of tokens for its investors and core contributors on May 31; it will do the same in June.

Sui, the layer-1 blockchain platform, will unleash 65 million tokens valued at $66 million on June 1. Token Unlocks states that early contributors, Mysten Labs treasury and community reserve, and Series A and Series B investors will get the tokens. Previously, the organization issued crypto tokens valued at roughly $1 billion in May.

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