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DeFi TVL Surges Above $100 Billion for the First Time in Two Years


Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols witnessed a significant milestone as the total value locked (TVL) exceeded $100 billion, marking the first time in nearly two years.

On March 5, DeFi TVL reached $101.36 billion, with lending contributing $32.62 billion (32.2%) to this total. Decentralized exchanges accounted for $19.97 billion (19.7%), collateralized debt positions stood at $12.22 billion (12%), and restaking activities amounted to $10.06 billion (9.9%).

According to Data Dashboard, the last instance of DeFi TVL surpassing $100 billion was on May 11, 2022, when it reached $112.67 billion.

Rebecca Stevens, senior research analyst at, noted, “The recent rebound in crypto asset prices has helped TVL grow in USD terms, but more interest has also been pouring into DeFi with new categories like RWA and restaking drawing significant attention and also bolstering the amount of funds locked across DeFi protocols.”

In parallel, staking on the Ethereum blockchain also reached noteworthy levels. As reported by The Block, over 31.5 million ether, valued at approximately $115 billion and comprising 26% of the total ether supply, has been staked on the Ethereum network.

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