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DigiFT Unveils Tokens Tied to US Treasury Bills

Digift Cointurk

Singapore-based DigiFT has unveiled a groundbreaking offering: tokens representing direct claims on U.S. Treasury Bill receipts. With a surge in real-world asset token market capitalization, which has risen by 15% to reach $6.5 billion within the last 24 hours, DigiFT’s move marks a significant development.

The announcement from Singapore’s on-chain real-world asset (RWA) exchange, DigiFT, introduces a novel tokenization of U.S. Treasury Bills. Adopting a structure akin to depository receipts, typically used for shares of companies outside local stock markets, DigiFT’s new tokens provide users with direct beneficial ownership of AA+ rated, short-term T-Bills. This innovation promises a legal stream of returns from the underlying securities.

DigiFT highlights a common complexity in existing RWA tokens, which often involve intricate legal arrangements tied to special purpose vehicles, feeder funds, or derivative instruments. In contrast, the company’s depository receipt model offers a simpler legal framework, aiming to enhance investor comprehension.

Moreover, DigiFT emphasizes the versatility of its new RWA token, catering to stablecoin issuers, Web3 product developers seeking regulatory-compliant treasury and cash management solutions. Accredited investors and institutions can access the product via authorized self-custodial wallets, utilizing fiat currency or stablecoins.

DigiFT’s regulatory compliance is underscored by its possession of a Capital Markets Services License and recognition as a Market Operator, as per the Monetary Authority of Singapore website.

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