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Dynamic Labs Announces $13.5M Series A Funding Led by a16z

Dynamic Labs

Dynamic Labs Announces $13.5M Series A Funding Led by a16z! On Wednesday, Dynamic Labs announced that it had raised $13.5 million in Series A funding led by a16z crypto.

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According to the Web3 firm, the funding is being directed towards the launch of a new suite of non-custodial wallet tools. The company said in a statement that the new features will help wallet developers “remove the complexity of crypto.”

Dynamic Labs said in a statement,

We are excited to announce our $13.5M Series A, led by a16z crypto, with participation from Founders Fund, Castle Island Ventures, Breyer Capital, Nikil Viswanathan Joe Lau from Alchemy, and others. This funding will help accelerate our work to support builders who are making these incredible things possible,”

Dynamic Labs plans to launch new and non-custodial wallet tools to provide developers with the ability to incorporate FaceID and TouchID into web3 wallet design. This will help to facilitate the creation of a wallet login process that is specifically designed for mobile users.

Dynamic Labs Launches SDK v1

Dynamic Labs also announced that SDK v1 was officially launched on the day it closed its funding round. This new software development kit includes fundamental architecture improvements, a reduced package size, and a transition to the Viem TypeScript library.

The new SDK also includes customization options, the ability to connect multiple wallets in both authentication and connection modes, and an email login feature that can be integrated with existing wallet solutions.

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