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Elon Musk Not Testing XRP Payements

Elon Musk

Vet, an XRP Ledger (XRPL) validator, has denied rumors that Elon Musk’s X social media network is testing XRP payments.

The rumor was based on a recent sighting of a transaction tagged “Musk” on the network. However, as Vet points out, no authorization from the famous entrepreneur is needed to tag this account. “I can also tag my account as Musk or JPM. No proof required,” he added. X is expected to launch peer-to-peer payments this year. However, it is unclear whether Musk’s social network will actually support cryptocurrencies. In any case, Dogecoin seems like the most likely candidate, so the idea of ​​XRP being used for payments on X seems extremely fanciful.


The ledger is stated to have a fix that adds Decentralized Identifier (DID) functionality. According to Vet, this will solve the personalization problem. Developed in line with standards and guidelines for the World Wide Web, this fix will be able to provide users with their own digital identities that are not dependent on a central authority.

In addition to being centralized, DIDs can also be cryptographically verified, meaning their tampering can be traced.

An XRPL user will be authenticated with a DID document, which may contain cryptographic public keys. Only those who control the private keys can change the content of the document. Users are advised not to upload personal information in these documents.

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