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Elon Musk Tested The New Application

Elon Musk

During a recent live broadcast, Elon Musk announced his intention to include X’s broadcast services, previously known as Twitter, in both Xbox and PS5 gaming platforms. However, he emphasized that X did not aim to compete with dedicated streaming platforms, but rather aimed to expand its access as an “everything app”.

In a 50-minute broadcast session held on October 6, Musk demonstrated this expansion by playing the popular online action role-playing game Diablo 4’ on the X platform. When the live broadcast started, Elon Musk explained the objectives of the event as follows: “Our goal here is to ensure that the voice remains clear, the video is displayed smoothly without trembling, and the comments work as intended.” While it’s important to note that this feature is still in early development, the quality of the stream remained satisfying throughout the show and visibly pleased Musk with the progress recorded by the developers.

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Musk Unveils Future Goals for X Platform

Musk expressed his excitement, saying, “It’s quite remarkable that it works this well.”

Towards the end of the broadcast, Musk interacted with the audience and provided more detailed information about X’s goals. “We have plans to offer streaming features for Xbox and PS5. We are not aiming to perform better than every dedicated app, instead we want to show that you have the freedom to follow your interests in the X ecosystem or platform.”

“Specialized apps can still be superior in various ways, but we aim to be the leading generalist app. There is value in being a general app when it comes to discovery and connecting with the widest global audience.”

This update summarizes Musk’s vision for X’s future and its role in the broader digital environment.

However, Musk did not make any statement about the integration of payments or cryptocurrency for elements such as subscriptions or donations in live streaming.

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