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Ethereum Aims to Release Pectra Update in Q1 2025

Ethereum Pectra

Ethereum core developers plan to release the Pectra update in the first quarter of 2025. This new update includes 11 improvement suggestions aimed at improving the EVM code, called the Ethereum Virtual Machine Object Format (EOF). Pectra will also integrate EIP-7251, which will allow validators to stake up to 2,048 ETH, exceeding the current limit of 32 ETH. This update could make the system more efficient by allowing validators to manage fewer but higher amounts of staked validators.

Additionally, the current account abstraction proposal EIP-3074 will be replaced by EIP-7702, a new proposal submitted by Vitalik Buterin. EIP-7702 will introduce a new transaction type that allows Ethereum account addresses to temporarily act as smart contract wallets during a transaction and return to their original state following the transaction.

The developers agreed at an execution layer meeting that they aim to implement this update in the first quarter of 2025. Pectra represents the next major update for Ethereum, following the Dencun update that was successfully implemented in March 2023.

EOF consists of approximately 11 improvement recommendations aimed at improving EVM code at Layer 1 and Layer 2 levels. EIP-7251, on the other hand, will allow validators to stake up to 2,048 ETH instead of 32 ETH, allowing them to manage higher staked validators in fewer and more efficient ways.

With these new updates, the Ethereum network aims to achieve a more advanced and flexible structure.

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