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FIFA is launching a special NFT collection for the FIFA World Cup!


World football’s governing body, FIFA, is set to launch a limited-edition NFT collection that will give owners the chance to watch the final match of the 2026 World Cup.

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The collection will be released in two phases, with the first phase going on sale this weekend. The initial distribution will feature 100 digital collectibles, including the rarest collectibles that offer the chance to guarantee a ticket to the 2026 FIFA World Cup final.

A total of 900 more digital collectibles will be released on the Polygon network and made available on the OpenSea platform.

FIFA’s NFTs were originally minted on Algorand, but the organization is now planning to move to Polygon for the second phase of this collection. Polygon is a blockchain that is popular among Web3 gaming projects. The announcement also stated that Polygon will be used in future FIFA digital collection launches.

When FIFA first announced “FIFA+ Collect” last year, it was said to offer “football fans around the world the chance to own unique digital collectibles at an affordable price.”

The launch of the collection comes as the NFT market is in decline. FIFA Club World Cup 2023 is set to begin in Saudi Arabia tomorrow.

While NFT trading volumes have been rising in recent months, levels are still well below millions of dollars for some of the non-fungible tokens from PFPs from top collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club. However, major brands have continued to pursue opportunities to serve and monetize super fans with their digital collection initiatives.

Modex took over (FIFA)

FIFA also announced that Modex will be taking over the “strategic management” of the digital collection platform, which has already dropped several football-branded collections.

Modex CEO Francesco Abbate said in a statement, “Digital collectibles are increasing the ways fans can interact with their favorite players, teams, and the game they love, and we are honored to support FIFA in achieving this goal.”

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