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Figment and Apex Group Announces Ethereum and Solana Staking ETPs


Figment Europe and Apex Group are gearing up to introduce Ethereum and Solana staking Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) on the SIX Swiss Exchange through Issuance.Swiss AG, slated for launch next week. These ETPs aim to provide institutional investors with seamless access to staking rewards via traditional brokers or banks.

Scheduled to debut on March 12 on one of Europe’s prominent exchanges, the Figment Ethereum Plus Staking Rewards (ETHF) and Figment Solana Plus Staking Rewards (SOLF) offerings are crafted to facilitate institutional access to staking rewards within a familiar ETP framework.

Lorien Gabel, CEO of Figment, expressed enthusiasm about the impending launch, stating, “We have diligently prepared to support the inaugural Ethereum and Solana staked ETPs by Issuance.Swiss AG on a regulated trading platform here in Switzerland. Our efforts signify a significant milestone towards introducing staking products in conventional ETP format for the emerging crypto market.”

The Ethereum and Solana staking ETPs simplify institutional access to staking rewards from leading proof-of-stake assets. These products are fully collateralized and utilize over 50% staking, with returns passed to investors. MEV, representing additional value from block production, is included in staking rewards. Figment’s expertise in staking infrastructure development distinguishes its offering, facilitated by Issuance.Swiss, a solution provided by Apex Fund Services.

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