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Former Ftx Law Firm Denies Lawsuit Filed Against Them!

FTX law firm lawsuit

Former Ftx law firm denies lawsuit filed against them! Former law firm of FTX, Fenwick & West, denied having any knowledge of any wrongdoing with the company FTX regarding the class action lawsuit filed by exchange investors, alleging that the law firm contributed to the fraud. FTX.

The complaint against Fenwick & West alleges that the law firm provided services “far beyond the services that a law firm should and generally provides to FTX Group companies”, while the firm only claims to operate within this framework. They stated that they had no information about the fraud case that occurred last year.

In response to a piece of evidence, the law firm claims to have done the following in response to an email from FTX’s head lawyer Daniel Friedberg to Fenwick, “FTX holds some cash and cryptocurrency, it is held by Alameda for the benefit of FTX customers; “Fenwick’s not reasonably claiming to know about FTX’s alleged violation.” He said.

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The Salvation of Marketers

Many celebrities such as Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen, Stephen Curry, Larry David, Shaquille O’Neal, David Ortiz and Naomi Osaka have filed petitions for the dismissal of the lawsuit against them.Some also claim that these individuals actively collaborated in the FTX fraud.

However, the plaintiffs do not claim a fact supporting the allegations that celebrities participated in the “secret plan managed by a handful of FTX employees”.

Last week, three FTX marketers, Jaguars playmaker Trevor Lawrence and YouTube sensations Kevin Paffrath and Tom Nash, resolved the lawsuits against them. The parties involved have not yet announced the settlement conditions.

Also, both Fenwick & West and other celebrities requested a hearing on their requests to dismiss the lawsuit against them.

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