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GetResponse Hack Exposes CoinGecko User Data

Coingecko Getresponse

On June 5, CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency data aggregator, suffered a data hack through its outside email marketing tool, GetResponse.

“After hacking a GetResponse employee’s account, the assailant exported around two million contacts from CoinGecko’s GetResponse account,” CoinGecko said in a statement. Then the malicious actor sent 23,723 phishing emails from another GetResponse client’s account. CoinGecko’s domain delivered no harmful emails.

Although CoinGecko user accounts and passwords stayed safe, the event resulted in exposed data, including user names, emails, IP addresses, and locations of email openings.

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“We are actively looking at this situation with GetResponse and notifying all impacted users,” CoinGecko added in the statement. “Moreover, we are carefully going over our security protocols and will seek to improve them when working with our suppliers.”

CoinGecko advises consumers to employ additional security procedures, avoid opening links or downloading attachments from unsolicited emails, and exercise care regarding communications claiming airdrops in the meantime.

Earlier this year when a hacker broke into CoinGecko’s X account and pushed a dubious airdrop for the coin GCKO.

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