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Google and Magic Leap Team Up for Metaverse Googles

Google Celo Network

The Magic Leap, with Google, a new age of strategic technology in partnership announced the age of aging. This is one of the Magic Leap’s level -level optical technology, combined with Google’s infrastructure, increased reality (AR) and prominted reality (XR) Alanlamtar Alanktar Alankar (XR) Alankari (XR) Asankari (XR).

His two companies have been increased in our market and against the difficulties in our market. Google’s google Glass and Magic Leap’s Puries, despite the objectives of Iddiali, the expected dasaruyi on the market market was expected. However, this new partnership can be seen with a strategic grass that compete with sector leaders such as Apple and Meta. Apple and commodity, spatial informatics and metaverse markets are going to be large.

Magic Leap CTO Julie Larson-Green, how to carry the AR technologies of this business accumulation. We combine with Knologies and continue to offer impressive experiences directed to the developer ecosystem and murmurilee. We can’t wait to expand the potential of XR and blend the physical prize with deserts with dowlli, approximately grass. ”

Although Henz has not announced certain products or services, the sevor vishables are the motivations in this partnership ard. Sean Hollister from Verge, magic hugging, can have a patentlere or yörerere that may be disadvantageous for Google. In addition, Google’s new Ar/XR unit to avoid the process of being a new R/XR unit to avoid the largest competitors may be preferred to prefer this partnership.

This partnership can be an important to re -enter Google’s AR/XR market. At the same time, it can comprehend the innovation in metavers and spatial information areas by artery of the gown player such as Apple and Meta. The partner of Google and the Magic Leap can contribute to the development of new and impressive technologies, especially for developers and tubetics.

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As a result, a business of Google and Magic Leap can write significant advances in the ar/Xr area, although the two companies are germ. The sector is waiting for this partnership how you will present the new criticisms of the new criticisms.

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