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Google Cloud and MultiversX Formed Collaboration!

Google Cloud MultiversX

Google Cloud, has announced its collaboration with blockchain infrastructure company MultiversX (EGLD), focusing on Web 3.0.

The participation of Google Cloud in the MultiversX network will offer advantages to Web3 ecosystem creators in bringing high performance and scalability to the non-blockchain components of their dApps.

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Web3 EMEA President Daniel Rood stated, “There are exciting opportunities to offer Web3 developers faster construction and scaling capabilities. Our partnership with MultiversX will allow us to expand our strategy and strengthen our innovation leadership in the blockchain world.”

With this collaboration, MultiversX also offers new scalable features for the metaverse– focused xPortal SuperApp. The updated features allow users to easily transact between fiat and cryptocurrencies. By 2024, xPortal users will also be able to access European IBANs, SEPA and SWIFT for peer-to-peer fiat payments.

Additionally, the xWorlds Developer Kit was introduced for content creators with the use of xPortal as a wallet and distribution center. This kit offers unique tools to content creators such as highly realistic artificial intelligence-supported 3D avatars.

The collaboration between Google Cloud and MultiversX emerges as a significant step towards strong leadership in the Web3 world.

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