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Google Cloud Takes Important Step For Polygon!

Google Cloud

Google Cloud, will join the validators in the Polygon blockchain network and will have a say for Polygon .

  • According to recent developments, Google Cloud, will be part of a decentralized group of over a hundred validators to ensure the security of the Polygon network.
  • Validators in the Polygon network strive to ensure the security of the network by running nodes, staking MATIC, and participating in the proof of stake consensus mechanism.
  • Google Cloud, in addition to confirming its collaboration with the Polygon network via its official account, also published a video containing details about the collaboration.

  • It is very pleasing and essential that the Google Cloud’s power, which powers widely used platforms such as YouTube and Gmail, takes such a significant step for the crypto sector.
  • This collaboration not only contributes to efforts to secure the Polygon network but is also a promising step towards the future of the crypto sector.
  • Despite the ongoing downturn in the crypto market and regulatory pressure from the US government, the relationship between Google Cloud’ and Polygon Labs is emerging as an indicator of the company’s increasing interest in Web3 from late 2022 to 2023.

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