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Starknet Airdrop Officially Announced! How to Get the Airdrop?

Starknet Airdrop

Starknet Airdrop Officially Announced! The eagerly anticipated airdrop of Starknet has announced on Twitter that a snapshot has been taken for the STRK token airdrop.

The Starknet Foundation has made a major update to the distribution plans of the STRK token announced last year, revealing the STRK token airdrop distribution plans. The airdrop conditions had emerged especially with the videos leaked on social media the other day.

Based on previous activities, the Foundation highlights that the STRK token airdrop distribution is targeted at specific users and is planned to reward various contributions to the Starknet ecosystem. However, the preview shared on social media shows that the provision portal is still in the development phase and the shared screenshots contain draft plans.

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How to Get Starknet (STRK) Airdrop?

The Foundation states that the criteria for eligibility for the airdrop have not yet been finalized, but will include developer, community, and financial contributions to Starknet. Developer contributions community contributions, and financial support will be among the factors considered eligible to receive tokens.

The amount of tokens to be distributed will be determined based on the total value of the contributions made. The amount and quality of developer and community contributions and the amount of financial contributions will be among the factors affecting the amount of tokens to be distributed.

The Foundation, warning about scams, emphasized that they will not ask for personal information, and official information will be shared only through official channels such as their websites and social media accounts. For the sake of ensuring users’ security, it was strongly reminded to follow the information coming only from the official channels.

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