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How to Use Binance Futures Copy Trading

Binance Futures

Binance Futures is pleased to introduce a new feature called Copy Trading. This feature allows you to instantly replicate the portfolios of experienced traders.

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How it Works

To use Copy Trading, you simply select the amount you want to invest and the system will automatically replicate the trades of the leading traders you follow.

Available on Web and App

Copy Trading is now available on both web and app. You can upgrade your app to v2.77 to use Copy Trading.

Investment Amount (Binance Futures)

You can choose the “Fixed Amount” option to set a specific investment amount for each trade. You can also choose the “Fixed Ratio” option to allocate your total portfolio investment amount and let the system automatically copy based on these ratios.

Risk Warning

Please note that Copy Trading is a high-risk activity. Always do your research before investing and review the Risk Warning to understand the potential risks.

KYC Verification Required

Binance Futures Copy Trading features are only available to users who have completed KYC verification from certain countries and regions.

What are Binance Options? How to Use?

Binance Futures

Things to Consider

  • The leading trader may add leverage to their positions while the trades are being executed, which could expose your positions to higher risks. Therefore, it is important to closely monitor your portfolio and positions.
  • When using the “Fixed Amount” mode, if the leading trader holds multiple positions or opens new positions frequently, your portfolio may not have enough margin to replicate all of these trades. Therefore, it is important to carefully monitor your portfolio and adjust the copy amount or cost per order to prevent copy trades from failing.
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For more information on how to understand and use Binance Futures copy trading, please visit here.

How to Manage Your Portfolio

After you start copy trading through Coin Mühendisi, go to Binance “Creator Center” and select “My Copy Trades” to manage your portfolio. If you want to get more information, we gave you YouTube video below.


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