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HTX Announces Recovery of a Part of the Stolen Funds


5,000 Ethereum had been stolen from the HTX (Huobi) last September. However, HTX confirmed that they recovered these funds.

▪️The company stated it would offer a reward of 250 ETH, provided that the computer hackers return the stolen funds. Thus, HTX successfully recovered the funds.

▪️ As of September 25, the approximate value of these Ethereum’s stolen from HTX was $8 million. After the theft took place, the exchange had been in contact with the hackers and indicated that the developers knew who was behind this exploitation.

▪️ After this incident, HTX announced that it would offer a reward of 250 ETH, which makes up about 5% of the total fund, or approximately $400,000. Interestingly, HTX stated they wouldn’t reveal the identities to the authorities provided that the hackers return 95% of the funds by October 2.

▪️ After this incident, Justin Sun shared his views with the community by saying. He said: “Ensuring blockchain security and protecting user assets is definitely a difficult task. There, we are constantly striving in this direction. We always maintain our goal to keep user assets fully safe. We are thankful for the continuous support of our users and community.”

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