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Institutional Firm Announces Biggest Altcoin Investment, Price Surges!

Pantera Capital Solana

Investment firm Pantera Capital has announced its biggest cryptocurrency investment.

Pantera Capital, which has $5.2 billion under management, announced in a May 10 blog post that its largest altcoin investment is Toncoin (TON). Pantera said it has full confidence in Toncoin, a project supported by such a committed team, referring to Telegram’s vision.

The details of the company’s announcement did not include how much TON they bought or the average purchase price:

We are honored to be partnering with such a strong group of believers. Pantera recently made the largest investment in its history in TON.

Toncoin has reached the top 10 altcoins in terms of market capitalization, thanks to its dazzling performance, especially in recent months.

With Pantera’s announcement, TON has risen 13% in the last 24 hours, climbing from $5.99 to $6.79.

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