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Intel-AfDB Alliance to Transform African AI Landscape

African Ai Intel

Together, technology behemoth Intel and the African Development Bank (AfDB) will equip 30,000 government personnel and three million Africans with sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) skills.

Intel Transforming Africa’s Digital Ecosystem

A statement on the AfDB website claims that the cooperation seeks to transform the African digital ecosystem.

The project seeks to provide many Africans with modern technology skills, including artificial intelligence, robotics, and data science—qualities absolutely essential for increasing production and economic growth all throughout Africa.

By training Africans in artificial intelligence, the alliance hopes to enable the continent to participate actively in the evolution of technology and support continuous innovation.

Among the other fields likely to benefit from the training program are education, health, industry, and agriculture. Dealing with social issues and raising production could help Africa’s general quality of life grow sustainably.

Expressing Intel’s excitement about the alliance, Bienvenu Agbokponto Soglo, chief technology officer liaison for government affairs Africa and International Government Affairs, said Intel aims to collaborate with African countries to make breakthrough technologies like artificial intelligence available to everyone, regardless of region, gender, or race, therefore enabling everybody to engage in the digital economy, Soglo said.

Beyond Personal Instruction

The declaration claims that cooperation transcends personal instruction. By means of consistent regulations and rules for digital technologies, including artificial intelligence, 5G, and cloud computing, it also facilitates the development of consistent approaches to digital transformation across Africa by African nations, regional groups, and continental organizations.

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Aiming to lead in AI development across the continent, Nigeria has made major progress by introducing its first multilingual big language model, even if African nations are now striving to catch up in the AI space.

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Like many other African nations, Nigeria struggles with a notable skill gap in creating artificial intelligence technologies that compete with the capacity of digital behemoths like OpenAI, Google, and Meta, despite efforts.

Moreover, many people and companies outside the tech sector find it difficult to engage in the AI revolution due to the high cost of training AI models.

Referring to OpenAI, Sam Altman, the CEO of the business, highlighted the high GPT-4 training cost and aimed to raise up to $7 trillion for a project tackling the severe worldwide semiconductor chip scarcity.

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