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Israel-Palestine War Intensified! l What Will Happen to Cryptocurrencies?

Israel-Palestine War

Israel-Palestine War Intensified! In recent days, the escalating and brutal Israel-Palestine conflict has come to the fore with war scenes reminiscent of horror films and war crimes that are unbecoming of humanity.

In the latest images, it appears that an Israeli bombing raid targeted a hospital in Gaza. It is estimated that more than 500 people lost their lives as a result of this attack.

On Twitter, it is widely stated that the attack was carried out by the Israeli army, but the official Twitter account of the Israeli army denies the attack. Iraq and Saudi Arabia are talking about evidence pointing to Israel.

The Israeli army, the evidence presented by the IDF was proved to be from 2022. All arrows point to the Israeli army carrying out this attack.


Israel-Palestine War

Images from the attack once again show the painful side of war on innocent children who probably know nothing about it and people who just want to live. The intensity of the attacks is increasing every day, and in this conflict where the rules of war are disregarded, there are only losers.

The effects of the war did not stay at the scene and affected many exchanges. The war is shaking the stock markets as well. U.S. futures lost value together with the decline in Asian markets.

What Is the Status of Financial Markets After the Israel-Palestine War?

The crypto market, which has been lively in recent days, continues to resist. We are still feeling and continuing to experience the effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict that occurred last year. The markets seem to react with lighter moves.

The ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict is on the verge of completing its 11th day today, following Palestine’s first missile attack on Israel on Saturday morning. Investors are concerned that this conflict can cause supply disruptions. In addition, the possibility of the conflict spreading to neighboring countries like Iran affects oil prices. Reactions from neighboring people are also intensifying.

WTI crude oil has increased by 5.71% since the start of the war, recording a 26.46% increase in the last three months. Brent crude also showed an increase of approximately 3.5%.

In summary, U.S. futures and Asian markets experienced a decline due to concerns about the Israel-Palestine conflict and potential effects on oil prices.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum resisted market fluctuations; WTI and Brent crude oil prices increased. This situation has increased worries among investors about potential supply disruptions and wider geopolitical consequences of the conflict.

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