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Kraken Plans to Start Stock Trading.

Kraken Start Stock Trading.

Kraken plans to start stock trading. One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Kraken, plans to offer its customers to start stock trading the option to buy and sell traditional shares listed in the USA.

According to a report based on an anonymous source, the crypto exchange founded in 2011 hoped to launch the service next year.

The report also highlighted that Kraken Securities, a new division, will manage the service, facilitating trading in both the USA and the UK.

The source stated that Kraken has the necessary authorization in the United Kingdom and has applied to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority in the USA for a broker-dealer license.

This move, which will allow Kraken’s users to trade both traditional shares and crypto, will make a big noise in the recently well-known Robinhood exchange.

This feature, as is well known, also allowed the customers of FTX.US to trade shares a few months before it crashed.

A spokesperson for Kraken said about the report: “Although we cannot comment on rumors or speculations, we aim to expand and enhance our offering to ensure that our customers continue to have safe and uninterrupted access to the entire Kraken package.”

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FTX 2.0 Not Good

Last month, Kraken’s founding partner Powel drew a lot of attention with a statement.

Kraken’s founding partner questioned the applicability of Ftx 2.0. He also expresses his concerns about the recently bankrupted crypto exchange. In a tweet, Powell said “FTX 2.0 would have been worse than starting from scratch. No team, no technology, no license, no banking, tainted brand.”

“The trustee should auction off the domain name and trademark to the highest bidder. Anything beyond that is a fantasy attack to collect a fee for creditors.” he explained.

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